Training Canada’s Future Leaders in Low-Carbon Energy

Working across distance, disciplines, and cultures

2023-24 Topics:

Together in a Good Way

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” – H. Ford

REDEVELOP is a collaboration of 11 researchers from the Universities of Calgary, Alberta, Toronto, Waterloo and Western Ontario, industry, government and the Indian Resource Council. The program lead is the University of Calgary, with a cultural model, ii’taa’poh’to’p (a place to rejuvenate and re-energize during a journey), that is an integral part of student training.

Training in a Time of Change

REDEVELOP trains graduate students to work across disciplines, distance, and cultures. As Canada struggles to find its “new normal,” unconventional resources are key in our transition to a low-carbon energy future, environmental sustainability, and socio-economic stability. By integrating technical expertise with training in communication, conflict resolution, project management and Indigenous relations, we prepare our graduates for a changing workforce. Future leaders within industry, government and Indigenous communities will rely on knowledge that crosscuts western disciplines in science and engineering and traditional ways of knowing with a deep understanding of pertinent socio-economic and environmental factors.


REDEVELOP Certificate

REDEVELOP certification is evidence of excellence in adaptability, communication, and problem-solving using a holistic approach acknowledged by professionals in the energy industry.
Certificates are issued by the University of Calgary.

Indigenous Relations Training (IRT)

IRT certification is evidence of foundational understanding of Indigenous history in Canada and the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action achieved through completion of a short course
at the University of Calgary’s Writing Symbols Lodge.

Skills Training via the REDEVELOP Challenge

Project Management

Our graduates take a project from start to finish in an interdisciplinary collaboration of students from across Canada. Project summaries are communicated to industry in a competitive arena. 

Public Perception & Consultation

Grads learn to identify the science behind the problem, research the policy issues, and explore all perspectives through
consultation with communities, industry,
and the Indian Resource Council (IRC).

Industry-Organization Psychology

Through communication, self-awareness, and conflict resolution strategies, grads learn how to lead and how to adapt within a high-functioning team from the University of Calgary’s ITP Metrics Lab.

Students as Mentors & Leaders

Internships & Industry Partners

REDEVELOP grads make better interns, who make better employees. Our industry network continues to grow, as grads complete one or more internships during their master’s or doctoral program. 


HQPs, or highly qualified professionals,
are REDEVELOP grads near the end of their academic degree program, who extend their training with leadership, finance, conference-planning, and outreach experience.

Indigenous Mentorship Pipeline

In a collaboration between REDEVELOP, IRC, and the Sucker Creek First Nation, HQPs mentor Indigenous undergraduate summer interns who mentor high school students in a newly-developed project model.

Our Vision

Sustainable transition to a low-carbon energy future in Canada. 

Our Mission

To train the next generation of science and engineering leaders and policy-makers to work across disciplines, distance, and cultures in order to achieve this vision.

For Industry

  • Hire an intern
  • Mentor a student team
  • Become a Dragon or Panelist in the REDEVELOP Challenge
  • Become a Partner of the REDEVELOP Training Program

For Students

  • Scholarship funding
  • Professional skills training to enhance your graduate degree
  • Networking with industry, government, and Indigenous mentors
  • Internship, conference, and field trip opportunities

Why REDEVELOP Matters?

1. Energy Demand Increase

Canada is facing unprecedented challenges in supplying  sustainable, cost-effective energy to meet demands due to increases in population and technology.

2. Unconventional Resources

Technology developments have unlocked vast energy resources contained in low-permeability (shale) rock formations.

3. Energy Transition

Unconventional resources, responsibly developed, are key to Canada’s transition to a low-carbon energy future, environmental sustainability, and socio-economic stability.

4. Interdisciplinary Approach

Informed decision-making within industry, govern-ment and Indigenous communities, relies on technical knowledge that crosscuts western disciplines of science and traditional knowledge.

5. Workforce Preparation

Researchers work to develop depth of knowledge in a specific area of expertise, and often overlook the soft skills needed to effectively apply that expertise.

Funded by the Natural Sciences and Research Council of Canada (NSERC).


REDEVELOP is a Collaborative Research And Training Experience (CREATE) initiative. CREATE Grant #386133824, in the amount of $1.625M over 6 years, was awarded to the University of Calgary in 2017. 80% grant funds go directly to student scholarships.
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