Training Canada’s future leaders in low-carbon energy

Our Vision

The responsible development of unconventional resources to transition Canada to a low-carbon energy future.

Our Mission

We achieve this vision by training the next generation of leaders, integrating Indigenous knowledge, and providing innovative interdisciplinary solutions to guide the responsible development of unconventional resources.

Canada's Energy Sector is Changing

Canada is facing unprecedented challenges in supplying cost-effective sustainable energy to meet growing demands.

Technological developments in recent years have unlocked vast energy resources in the form of hydrocarbons contained in low-permeability rock formations. These unconventional resources, if developed responsibly, are the key to Canada’s transition to a low-carbon energy future, environmental sustainability, and socio-economic stability.

Future leaders within industry, government, and Indigenous communities will rely on technical knowledge that crosscuts western disciplines in the natural sciences and traditional knowledge for informed decision-making.

Training the Next Generation of Leaders

Our goal is to produce the next generation of geoscience, engineering, and policy leaders to work in the energy sector, each with a graduate degree coupled with professional training in communication, conflict resolution, project management, Indigenous engagement and industrial-organizational psychology through experiential learning platforms and exchanges.

In a collaborative effort, the Universities of Calgary, Alberta, Toronto, Waterloo and Western Ontario, along with government and industry partners, trained more than 40 graduate students, in the first 2 years of the program, to work across disciplines, distance and cultures, as they examine traditional and social media platforms that impact public perception of the energy sector, sorting fact from fiction, to find solutions to Canada’s energy challenges.

Student teams present valuable solutions to energy challenges each year in Calgary at the REDEVELOP Challenge, a competition judged by industry experts, and then enter the workforce as interns and highly-skilled, innovative professionals.

The Numbers

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Where to reach us

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