Edouard Kravchinsky


Using cellular automaton and simulation of earthquake sequences

Edouard Kravchinsky is working on his PhD in Geomechanics with Prof. Grasselli at the University of Toronto.

He received a MSc in Geophysics (2018) with Prof. Van Der Baan, as well as a BSc (2015) in Geophysics, at the University of Alberta. During his MSc studies, Edouard’s research focused on cellular automaton and simulation of earthquake sequences, and he joined the Microseismic Industry Consortium (MIC) (www.microseismic-research.ca/). His current research focuses on geomechanical modeling, fracture propagations and acoustic emissions.

Outside of work, Edouard enjoys an active lifestyle and is a recreational trumpet player.


Completed Milestones

Team: Induced Seismicity - Prediction

REDEVELOP Certificate

Indigenous Relations Certification

Project Management

Conflict Resolution

Occupational Psychology

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