Neil Flemming


Using applied field-scale investigation of gas migration around leaking energy wells

Neil Fleming is working on his MSc in Geoscience with Profs. Mayer and Ryan at the University of Calgary.

He also received a BSc in Environmental Geoscience (2016) at the University of Calgary (with Distinction). Neil’s current research involves an applied, field-scale investigation of gas migration around leaking energy wells, involving active collaboration with several oilfield producers and service companies.

Neil’s career interests include hydrogeology and resource management, monitoring and remediation.

Neil is an avid backcountry skier, backpacker and mountain biker, with an aptitude for organization, resourcefulness, and understanding challenging environments. Neil is willing to travel for the right position, ideally including a mix of field and office work.


Completed Milestones

Team: Induced Seismicity - Traffic

REDEVELOP Certificate

Indigenous Relations Certification

Project Management

Conflict Resolution

Occupational Psychology

Public Communication

Neil's team the 2018-19 REDEVELOP Challenge!

He was also the for his team!

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