Jordan Phillips


Public perception and communication challenges of induced seismicity

Jordan Phillips is working on her MSc in Geoscience with Prof. Van der Baan at the University of Alberta.

She received her BSc (2015) in Geophysics at the University of Alberta, and a GeoTech Diploma (2017) from NAIT.¬†Jordan is currently investigating the technical and perceived risks of induced seismicity, including social implications such as public perception and communication challenges within the industry. Jordan’s goal is to work in science communication and/or consulting within the industry as society moves towards increased accountability and sustainability in energy development.

Jordan is a Geoscientist In Training with APEGA, is trilingual (English, conversational French and some Spanish), and enjoys active sports activities, including figure skating and rock climbing. She is also a volunteer with Metro Cinema at Garneau Theater and with the Federation Skating Club.


Completed Milestones

Team: Fugitive Gas Emissions

REDEVELOP Certificate

Indigenous Relations Certification

Project Management

Conflict Resolution

Occupational Psychology

Public Communication

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