Paulina Wozniakowska


Machine learning in induced seismicity analysis

Paulina Wozniakowska is working on her PhD in Geophysics with Prof. Eaton at the University of Calgary.

She received her MSc (2016) and BSc (2015) in Applied Geophysics at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, Poland. Paulina’s current research focuses on applications of machine learning in induced seismicity analysis. Before returning to academia, she worked in the Czech Republic as a junior analyst at a company specializing in microseismic monitoring of hydraulic-fracturing operations in USA and Canada. Paulina has also completed internships in Poland and Slovakia, in the areas of mining seismology and environmental monitoring using geophysical methods. She was a board member of the SEG Student Chapter in Krakow, and currently, is a member of the CSEG/EAGE/SEG Student Chapter in Calgary.

In her spare time, Paulina enjoys yoga, board games and the ukulele. She speaks a number of languages, including English, Polish, Spanish & Czech.


Completed Milestones

Team: Hydraulic Fracturing - Freshwater

REDEVELOP Certificate

Indigenous Relations Certification

Project Management

Conflict Resolution

Occupational Psychology

Public Communication

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