Victor Gallardois

Public Policy

Understanding the disconnect between the public’s declared intentions and the actual effects of their demands​

Victor Gallardois working on his MSc in Public Policy with Prof. Winter at the University of Calgary.

He also received an MA (2008) in Economics at the University of Alberta, and a BA (2004) in Commerce at the Mexican Autonomous Institute of Technology (ITAM). Victor is currently working as an energy trader for TransAlta, covering the Midwest power market in the U.S., while working on his MSc in Public Policy. He witnessed how the evolving discourse around climate change and oil pipelines led to the resurgence of riskier and more expensive shipping methods like rail. The disconnect between the public’s declared intentions and the actual effects of their demands was the impetus for his return to academia. Victor was the recipient of the Graduate Core Prize in Economics for outstanding academic achievement in 2008. He has a range of experience working energy companies in Alberta (TransAlta Corp, Capital Power Corp and TransCanada Pipelines) and France (Électricité de France).

Born and raised in Mexico, Victor calls Alberta home now. He is grateful for the opportunities Alberta has given him and hopes to contribute to the success of the province in the future.


Completed Milestones

Team: Fugitive Gas Emissions

REDEVELOP Certificate

Indigenous Relations Certification

Project Management

Conflict Resolution

Occupational Psychology

Public Communication

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