Zhengru Yang


Unconventional tight reservoir evaluation using permeability/diffusivity determination, gas adsorption capacity simulation, and geological controls

Zhengru Yang is working on his MSc in Geoscience with Prof. Clarkson at the University of Calgary.

Zhengru also has a BSc (2017) in Geology from the University of Calgary, and another BSc (2017) in Petroleum Geology from the University of Petroleum, in Beijing, China. His research interests concern unconventional tight reservoir evaluation, with a focus on permeability / diffusivity determination, gas adsorption capacity simulation and geological controls on reservoir characteristics within the Montney and Duvernay Formations. He is also a research assistant with the Tight Oil Consortium. Zhengru completed an internship with the PetroChina Company Limited (Liaohe Oil Company), working in sandy reservoirs distribution analysis in a fault-subsidence lake basin.

Zhengru is also bilingual (English and Mandarin).


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Team: Orphan Wells

REDEVELOP Certificate

Indigenous Relations Certification

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